A society that all can believe in...

affordable housingI want to live in a just society - a society where we, the people, are recognised as the rightful owners of natural resources; where we all feel a shared ownership of the earth.

Such a simple proposition has profound implications. As co-owners, we would be entitled to a dividend from those natural resources.

That would provide a basic income for every person, allowing us the freedom to choose a fulfilling career, rather than be forced to accept wage-slave jobs to meet our debt-ridden commitments. True freedom implies the right to choose our work, our interests and where we live.

If we, as owners, had a say in the management of our natural resources, most likely we would not consent to the world as it is.

In a democratic society, where the people own the natural resources, in common, we would recognise commons property rights in our accounting. We would not allow loss of biodiversity, pollution of our streams and rivers, high rates of mineral depletion (including fossil fuels), loss of our starscape every night of the year to light pollution – or, at least, we would not allow these things beyond what is acceptable to the people.

When we fully apply our principles of ownership and fair compensation to questions of natural resource wealth management, much will change. Equal ownership of natural resources will end abject poverty. There would be no stigma to receiving the citizens dividend – it is ours by right.

As our economy becomes more fair and transparent, more people will come to feel an ownership in the system.
By making the least secure among us more secure, we make everyone more secure.

A guaranteed minimum income for everyone on earth would decrease the problems associated with disparity of wealth. If we all have equal ownership of the natural resources of the earth, then any person or corporation taking these resources or degrading their quality in pursuit of profit, would be made to pay a fee as compensation to the owners of the resources – ie the people at large.

Resource user-fees could be a mechanism whereby citizens exert their will on the larger economic system to define appropriate limits on economic activity, in terms of pollution or noise produced or natural resources consumed. We would all share in setting limits on human activities insofar as those activities impinge on the commons.

In this way, we can reclaim our rights - For the Good of All

This is the economic philosophy of Geonomics. Check it out here.

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