Why people won’t use public transport

There are three main reasons:

A. Travelling by public transport means that you have to share with strangers who are not always of your choosing. The antisocial behaviour of even one passenger can make for a very unpleasant journey and the notion of travelling on public transport late at night is regarded as far too dangerous by most people.

Car pooling suffers the same problem. We work beside some people because we are paid to.
Sharing a car with them for an hour a day was not in the contract.

B. Public transport runs to a timetable and if you miss the bus or tram, you can have a long wait for the next one. Public vehicles rarely connect with each other which means long delays between vehicles.

C. Most public transport runs on a radial system from the central business district to the suburbs. There is limited cross-city transport. When someone wants to travel a few kilometres across the radial lines they can be forced to make a long journey into the city, wait for connecting transport then ride back out on another radial line.

Outlining the issue

  • Current public transport systems are unpopular because of A, B and C.
  • Instead, people drive their own cars when they can – for privacy and security, timeliness and convenience.
  • Any proposal to move people by any other system must take into account the constraints of A ,B and C.

Is there an alternative? Yes!.
See my paper on “Moving people around Hobart - PRT
And, for a visionary way to pay for what we want, see “Paying for Public Transport