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Visit these sites to see supporting views on economic reform.

  • Prosper Australia is a self funded NGO (non government organisation), inspired by the economic justice that can be achieved by distributing the wealth produced from land amongst the entire community.
  • EarthSharing is a world movement dedicated to achieving economic justice for all the peoples of the world, and to reforming the way we treat our planetary resources.
  • The Progress Report An excellent report on daily news stories from a Resource Rentals perspective.
  • Phil Anderson This site will teach you exactly how the economy works, and why. No other site in the world can teach you what you will learn within these pages.
  • Fred Harrison is executive director of the Land Research Trust in London. He is the author of Boom, Bust: House Prices, Banking and the Depression of 2010 and Ricardo's Law ~ House Prices and the Great Tax Clawback Scam (Shepheard Walwyn, 2006)
  • Land Values Research Group heads our statistical arm, where you will find report after report backing our claims with solid evidence.
  • Dr Gavin Putland our key intellectual writes up a storm, always an interesting take on how this system can be implemented.
  • The Geonomy Society is one of the best introductions to Geonomics and Georgism. Make sure you click on the ‘New Issue’ for current stories from a worldly perspective.
  • Earthrights Institute Consider the work of Alanna Hartzok’s group, some of our leading activists, working with the UN Commission for Sustainable Development. Of interest is the empirical evidence of oil royalties & Citizen’s Dividends in both Alaska and Nigeria.
  • Site Rating Defence : A collection of useful tidbits all things to do with Economic Justice. Wait till you see how many topics, how many areas this site covers!
  • Geolibertarian Home Page"We Geolibertarians distinguish ourselves from right-wing, "royal" libertarians by our profound respect for the principle that one has private property in the fruits of one’s labour" by Dan Sullivan, whose clarity is rarely surpassed.
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