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Every day, issues arise in every local government area. Most are dealt with by staff of the various Councils, but there are some issues that are broader in scope - they go to the heart of how we want to live as a community. They are the issues that will shape our society into the future. To think about these bigger issues, we need a philosophy to live by; a philosophy of social justice, to create a society that all can believe in.

This part of the website is dedicated to those issues that are larger than any day-to-day problems. They go to the heart of our democracy, and both influence it and are influenced by it. How we involve ourselves in public debate is a critical component, so I devote some space to Consultation.

Australia has three tiers of government, sometimes overlapping, and sometimes conflicting with each other. Local Government is closest to the people, yet it is regarded more as a service provider than as 'Government'. In this context, it is worth getting back to basics, and examining the Role of Local Government.

Is public transport a local government issue? If so, how should we pay for public transport? Should local government have a role in providing affordable housing? These things are critically important to the residents of our city, to the way we live, so I believe local government has a key role to play, not just in being consulted by other levels of government, but in developing policies and solutions.

This section will explore all these issues, and I will add others as they unfold, including planning and infrastructure issues, as well as Council's role in the Arts and Events marketing. There is no shortage of issues to discover; I hope you will return to this site often to get my perspective on them.

Issues in 2012:

Council amalgamations:


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Citizens Democracy
Compulsory voting
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Role of Local Government:
Equity and Efficiency

Public Transport:
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Affordable housing:
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Community Land Trusts:
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